Hugs for life
Suicide is Never an Option!
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Crisis Line 1-800-273-8255

Too often, we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment or the smallest act of caring. All of these acts, though seemingly ordinary have the potential to turn a life around.

Hugs for Life Suicide Prevention and Awareness is a nonprofit, tax exempt charity organization licensed with both the state and federal government. Our goal is to place information in each school in the state of Utah that educates our youth about suicide and provides them with suicide prevention resources. The information that we provide details the warning signs associated with suicide and explains how stress, anxiety, and depression play a role in suicide attempts. Our information also includes contact information to suicide help lines and other community resources dedicated to suicide prevention. The best way to win the war on suicide is through education about warning signs and knowing how and where a person can get help. Our information is always free and we hope it can help individuals and their loved ones come through a difficult time.


We would like to present you with the opportunity to get involved in a life-changing event.

Our mission and goals are to raise awareness about suicide rates.

We intend to promote and hold public and private activities to raise awareness about the suicide rate. We will also distribute various items of worth featuring the “Hugs for Life” logo. We will gladly accept monetary or product contributions which we will disperse as we see fit to help raise awareness about our cause.

We intend to manufacture and/or purchase brochure racks to be donated to area family centers and public and private schools. The information placed in these brochure racks will be coordinated with N.A.M.I. and/or other officially recognized Suicide Prevention/Mental Health Organizations. Said information will also be available at our website

Hugs for Life will be holding several different fundraising events to raise necessary capital to ensure that brochure rack filled with our suicide prevention & awareness information is available to every school or organization that requests one. With 820+ schools in the state of Utah we know that our goal is a lofty one but the information that we provide can save lives and it needs to be readily available.

At this time we hold two major annual fundraising events, the Hugs for Life Classic Charity Car Show and the Sock Hop & Ice Cream Social. All profits from these and other Hugs for Life fundraising events will be used to provide information intended to help lower the teen suicide rate.

Education means life – Life means Education